Traditional Greek rizogello: rice pudding with cinnamon.

Rice pudding is prepared by cooking rice in milk, which gives it a rich, creamy texture.
Despite its simplicity, rice pudding is a dish that requires precision and attention to detail, stirring slowly and constantly to prevent burning. The end result is a creamy, velvety rice that bursts with flavor with vanilla and cinnamon.
So, here’s the recipe for traditional Greek Rizogallo, let’s go!


200 grams rice
1 liter milk
100 g sugar
1 vanilla pod
cinnamon powder

Preparation :

First cut the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and collect the vanilla seeds, wash the rice.
Then pour the milk into a pot, heat it and bring it to a boil by adding the vanilla pod and seeds.
Remove the vanilla bean, add the rice, stir with a wooden spoon, and cook over medium-low heat for 35 to 40 minutes.
At the end of cooking and turn off the heat, add a pinch of salt to the sugar and then mix with a wooden spoon.
Finally, serve in bowls sprinkled with cinnamon powder and wish everyone a good appetite.


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