I like this type of salad that’s a little “off-season” between a fresh green summer salad and a gourmet winter salad. This salad with crispy ravioli is therefore one of those dishes that I can eat in any season. It’s a gourmet salad, but fair to all, that gives the salad pride of place, but where greed isn’t left out and I want that as proof: Romans’ small ravioli crispy on the outside, and crisp on the inside. Soft, soft-boiled eggs that turn out just enough, a little dry goat cheese in the shavings to wake it up, and some walnuts to add a little crunch… your mouth waters, is that good?

I’m a big fan of Ravioli di Roman, these little ravioli stuffed with comte and parsley, which originated in the Dauphiné (also known as Ravioles du Dauphiné). It’s a little star food in my diet: It’s good, it cooks quickly, and it’s easy to cook! Yes, yes ! I cook ravioli in casseroles, I use ravioli plates in lasagna, and I also make roasted ravioli with spinach. I have also made some modifications to this recipe.

Roman ravioli cannot be compared with classic ravioli: their dough is very thin, they cook very quickly and are very delicate. The basic recipe is based on comte and parsley, but there can be variations with goat cheese or walnuts, or even with truffles that are perfect for a delicate Christmas starter! All varieties of ravioli are suitable for making salads with crispy ravioli, they may vary depending on the rest of the ingredients.

How to make Crispy Ravioli?

I love making this salad with crispy ravioli! I vary the garnishes: Sometimes I add a little smoked salmon or cured ham, sometimes I add some vegetables like mushrooms or pumpkin. I have to try this summer look with Tori!

I prefer when the ravioli are still slightly warm for better contrast with the rest of the ingredients. Freezing, they are excellent but I find that they lose a bit of their crispness.

Salad with Crispy Ravioli and Soft Boiled Eggs

Ravioli di Romans: How to Make Crispy Ravioli?

There is a secret technique, which is very well kept by the inhabitants of Rome… No. I’m joking

In order to make the ravioli as crisp as you want, it is important to “delay the cooking of the dough.” In fact, if you cook the dough with water, and then try to fry it, you need a lot of skill to not have glaubiboulga on your plate. I figured it out at my own expense, one day, when my previous tests were conclusive. And I had an idea that’s cool:

To make crispy ravioli perfect, you’ll need to pre-roast frozen romaine ravioli!

To get Crispy Romance Ravioli, you’ll need to:

  • ravioli first frozen
  • a very hot frying pan
  • Hot fat too.
How to make Crispy Ravioli?

To fry my romaine ravioli, I use either butter, neutral oil (grape seed oil) or olive oil (depending on the garnish of my salad!).

My Salad Recipe with Crispy Ravioli

For this salad with romaine ravioli, you’ll need a few simple ingredients:

  • a nice green saladVery fresh and very crunchy. I usually choose lettuce or Batavia
  • Of good, fresh eggsIt is imperative to have fresh eggs to be able to be successful with soft boiled eggs!
  • From goats cheese, ideally from the region, such as the rigoté de condreaux here, or a picodon
  • From Walnutdry but open fresh, to keep all the aroma
  • Of better ravioli than the Romans ,

For this salad sauce, you are free to change the sauce as per your taste. I season my salads quite “simply” because I really don’t like the very strong taste of vinegar.

For this recipe, it’s important to take the guesswork out of and keep a packet of ravioli in the freezer!

Romans' Ravioli in Salad

Crispy Ravioli Salad

A delicious whole salad with crispy ravioli, fried romance ravioli!

preparation time: 20 Minute

Cooking Time: 10 Minute

total time: 30 Minute

Type of dish: salad

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

prepare soft boiled eggs

prepare salad dressing

fry the ravioli

Crispy Romance Ravioli in Salad


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