spring, sun, wish BBQ Curry Chicken Skewers And a small glass of rose with it. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite marinade recipes that are great tasting chicken curry skewers, and the meat that stays tender.

My collaboration with the Croix d’Albret brand was the perfect opportunity: when I was offered to find a dish to go with them Bordeaux Rose Cuvi, I immediately thought of this recipe for skewers! I’ll tell you a little more about this agreement in this article below. Rosé and barbecued meats are truly inseparable to me, and this pairing has reaffirmed it!

I love barbecue season because it also means the return of the sun, outdoor dining, and a foot in the grass. Fresh and light dishes return, an abundance of vegetables and meats are caramelized by lightly cooking …

How to make Curry Chicken Skewers?
How to make marinade for curry chicken skewers?

How to make Curry Chicken Skewers?

To make good skewers of chicken, it is necessary that the meat is marinated well in advance. There are two important components to a good pickle:

  • A sufficiently oily preparation to thoroughly capture all tastes, as fat is flavor.
  • time, so that the (fat) meat takes care of all the flavor of the marinade.

To make marinade, mix spices and mustard in oil, curd. Cut the chicken into large cubes and pour the marinade. Mix everything together and film on contact. Let the chicken marinate for about 1 hour (you can go up to 3 hours).

Then prick the chicken pieces onto your skewers, in preparation for cooking them on the barbecue.

Note, the quality of your chicken is also a very important dimension in the receipt of your skewer. In fact, depending on the quality, the meat may or may not retain its tenderness during cooking.

Barbecue Recipe: Chicken Skewers with Curry

To serve these skewers, I recommend you lay them on a bed of natural yogurt (Greek yogurt or stirred yogurt). You can flavor this yogurt with a little lemon juice (or zest), olive oil, small slices of new onion… the freshness balances the heat of the spices perfectly.

What to serve with chicken curry skewers?

These chicken curry skewers can be served with many summer salads like any other barbecue grill. I opted for a spicy couscous salad with green vegetables, but you can also opt for a tabbouleh with semolina, a cucumber salad with mint, for example a fresh salad with radishes.

What to drink with chicken curry skewers?

What wine to serve with chicken curry skewers?

With these curry chicken skewers, I opted for a Bordeaux rosé cuvée from the Croix d’Albret brand. It is an organically grown wine that can be easily found, for example in Monoprix or Intermarché. I find it perfect for this type of compromise!

Chicken curry is slightly spicy, different spices are used for curry and mustard. So you need a wine with enough strength, tension and freshness to resist.

Croix d’Albret’s rosé wine is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Hence it has a very fresh nose with fruity notes. On the palate, we find its fruity notes with a predominance of small red fruits, slightly acidic, such as red currant. There are also some sweet candy notes close to liquorice, very slightly minty. Finally, a slight sweet spice is presented in the finish, which makes a wonderful bridge with the curry.

Barbecue Chicken and Rose Wine Pairing
How to make marinade for curry chicken skewers?

curry chicken skewers

Delicious Chicken Skewers Marinated in Curry, Cooked on the Barbecue

preparation time: 25 Minute

Cooking Time: 15 Minute

Rest time: 1 Hour

total time: 1 Hour 40 Minute

Type of dish: main course

kitchen: French

Servings: 4 people

  • barbecue

  • bowl

  • Lessons

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