Charlotte with Strawberries and Mascarpone, a delicious no-bake cake for your dessert, here’s an easy recipe for at home and for the whole family.


– 500 grams bhindi
– 600 grams strawberries
– 24 cl very cold 30% liquid cream
– 160 grams mascarpone
– 60 grams icing sugar
– 1 tbsp melted butter
– 6 cl water

Preparation :

Line the bottom of the springform pan with parchment paper first and pour the water onto a plate.
Crush half the bhindi with the melted butter in the bowl of your mixer on medium speed and then place them in the bottom of the mold and press down with the bottom of a glass.
Use a tall glass to make an even layer as the thin base of the cake.
Dip the right and straight side of the bhindi in a plate of water for a few seconds, then place it around the mold keeping the soaked part inside.
Then, in a bowl, beat the cream with the mascarpone and icing sugar with a mixer on medium speed for 3 minutes.
Wash and peel the strawberries, cut 300 grams into pieces and mash the rest with a fork in a bowl to make coolies.
Pour your cream into the mold and top it with a layer of strawberry coulis and place your strawberry slices on top.
Then film your mold and put in the fridge for at least 6 hours, after removing the film open the springform pan
Finally, here’s your Strawberry and Mascarpone Charlotte, cut and served, bon appetit for everyone.


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