Duck breast is a festive meat for me, which lends itself well to all the preparations. i need proof Roasted Duck Breast with Mushrooms and Chestnut, Pear and Honey Sauce, A little long, maybe, but absolutely delicious dish!

I wanted to show you that you can eat duck breast other than just grilled, and it can be really delicious! I love duck breast, to be proof I need duck breast with honey sauce, which is a great classic for me! I have already offered you several festive recipes based on duck breast, such as this Duck Breast with Cranberries or Duck Breast and Gnocchi. I offered you a best seller at home: Duck Tornados with Port. Turnados-style is shaping up for changing dressage!

This Roast Duck Breast has a little extra originality because, in addition to allowing you to treat the duck breast differently, it is also loaded with preparations based on mushrooms and chestnuts here. I deliberately made a simple preparation, based on classic flavors, so that the duck flavor wouldn’t break down too much. Especially since I present you a sweet little sauce with pear and honey, it will give a lot of flavor!!!

We really enjoyed ourselves with this holiday-like dish, perfect for New Year’s Eve or an intimate lunch with a few guests. Production can be done in higher numbers, of course, but it can get a little more tedious!

I like my Roast Duck Breast with Dauphin Potatoes, these delicious round apples that are delicious homemade (and that don’t let a drop of sauce be lost… rather practical, no?).

Roast Duck Breast with Mushrooms Recipe
Roast Duck Breast with Pears Recipe

Roasting duck breast doesn’t have to be that complicated!

It’s even easier. If you want a stuffed roast, you just need to choose good duck breasts that are big enough to fit your garnish, but not too thick. I got the idea for my friend Anne’s meat slaw, and I have to admit it allows for a decent amount of stuffing in the center of her roast!

As for the stuffing, it’s up to you. I preferred vegetable-based stuffing, but it’s not a very “solid” stuffing. You can opt for thin stuffing, or even egg- or bread-based preparations for freezing. I didn’t want anything heavy, so I stuck with the duck, mushroom, and chestnut combination.

Roasted Duck Breast with Mushroom, Honey and Pear Sauce

What wine to serve with roast duck breast?

Duck is a fairly flavorful meat with character, but also not overly overpowering. That’s why it needs a wine with a slight sweetness but well-defined flavor, without making it heavy, or forgotten… so I recommend serving you a vintage vintage of Burgundy Red. For our part, we opted for Gevre Chambertin, who is renowned for having character and responding to strong flesh, full of game. By choosing this over the older vintage, we’re using tertiary scents, which feature sweet notes here rather than a hint of dark fruit or even sport, so this duck is perfect for oozing out.

You can also always opt for Bordeaux in red. We tried this with a fairly young Cte de Blay (2016), which had most of the merlots, which held onto the duck surprisingly well, thanks to a little stress and just the right amount of fruit.

Roast Duck Breast with Mushrooms Recipe

Roasted Duck Breast with Mushrooms and Chestnuts

A delicious way to eat duck breast differently: to cut a gourmet roast into slices

preparation time: 20 Minute

Cooking Time: 45 Minute

total time: 1 time 5 Minute

Type of dish: main course

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

Prepare the Mushroom-Chestnut Filling

Prepare Roast Duck Breast

Prepare Pear Sauce

Roasted Duck Breast, Honey and Pear


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