here i am back with amazing Zucchini Flowers Filled with Ricotta, Mint and Basil, A dish that tastes like summer in Italy! Like every year, every week my heart races to see the market stalls filled with a little more new vegetables. I don’t know where to turn, I would love to buy everything so much… so apparently, when I see zucchini flowers, I can’t resist.

I want to go into confession. I have sinned. I couldn’t wait for my lovely market gardener to offer us these delicious flowers, and I fell in love a little more with what I call “flower courtyards”, i.e. young courtyards, above all tender, a magnificent flower . Pleasure for the taste buds! So yes, they may not be as local as my market gardener, but they do get a little sprain from time to time… it’s not that serious!

For these first Stuffed Flower Zucchini of the Season, I stuck to one of my favorite garnishes: ricotta! Not actually being able to eat the same thing twice in my life (I barely exaggerate); So I made a change in filling my stuffed zucchini with flowers from last year!

How to cook zucchini flowers?

How to make Stuffed Flower Zucchini?

There are some precautions to be taken while making this dish:

Stuffed Flower Zucchini Recipe

Choose Ultra Fresh Flowers

It is necessary to choose very fresh flowers, ideally those that have just been picked, and those that have not gone into the water. In fact, this type of flower is so delicate that if they have dried out or taken to water, they will be very difficult to handle (I usually reserve them for Torget Flower Fritters, made from Torget Flowers). may be slightly more damaged).

be delicate

Flowers need to be handled with great care as they are very delicate. If you are using a flowering gooseberry, I recommend cleaning the small patio with a damp cloth, and passing it gently over the flowers. You can use a brush to clean the inside.

remove pistil

Talking about stuffed zucchini flowers, the main mistake is not to remove the pistil from the flower. Its taste is bitter, very unpleasant.

How to make Stuffed Flower Zucchini?

To remove the pistil, you really have to take your time not to tear the flower or separate it from the zucchini.

To do this, slightly spread the petals at the top of the flower, and gently slide your fingers up to the pistil. Grab it and pull it sharply so that it comes all the way (if you push down while pushing to one side, you can cut it too, but there is a risk that not all will come, or you will tear the flower ) releases).

Choose stuffing that matches the flower

There are many possibilities of stuffing of flower zucchini. Personally, I prefer simple stuffing with the scent of Italy. Here, I made a filling made of ricotta and a little cream, mint, basil, and lemon zest. The whole is very soft. You can use fresh cheeses (goat, cow, sheep) or meat based stuffing (I’ll give you a recipe soon!).

cooking right

The Final Tip for a Successful Stuffed Flower Courtet: Controlled Cooking in the Oven. You shouldn’t overcook your flowers. This is so that the flower is not over-dried, but it is all cooked equally. Young zucchini will also be firm, but this is how they are enjoyed.

Zucchini stuffed in the oven

My recipe for Flower Zucchini Stuffed with Ricotta and Herbs

Flower Zucchini with Ricotta

Stuffed Flower Zucchini

Delicious young zucchini filled with ricotta and fresh herbs

preparation time: 20 Minute

Cooking Time: 15 Minute

total time: 35 Minute

Type of dish: enter

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

clean zucchini flowers

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