I don’t know if you’ve ever tasted grilled halloumi, but it’s a real treat! I discovered this semi-firm cheese a few years ago in Greece, and it took a while to tame it. For those who first discover the existence of halloumi, it is a cheese originating in Cyprus, made from the milk of goat and sheep, and flavored with dried mint. It has a very special, semi-firm texture. It retains a “fresh taste” even when baked, grilled, barbecued, etc.

It is often present in mezze platters, often in the form of fries or grilled slices. Its crust is slightly crisp and takes on a grilled flavor. It really is a pleasure!

I love this particular texture, especially when it is crisp on the outside and a little tender on the inside. Buying multiple brands, I really felt the difference. I love the halloumi I find in my Mediterranean products store. The texture has nothing to do with it. It has this special texture, but it remains pleasant, not close to “chewing gum”, like some products.

Halloumi can be eaten cold, but it’s actually best when grilled! I already told you about it in a salad with some green asparagus. Last year, I made a recipe for Quinoa, Halloumi, and Zucchini Salad, Salma Hedge’s book “Middle Eastern Cuisine,” and put it back on the table, and I won.

Today’s recipe again comes from this book. It is truly a goldmine for feasting on the flavors of the Mediterranean. This Grilled Sumac Mint Halloumi recipe really puts halloumi in the limelight. I really wanted to enjoy the best of halloumi, and it really turned out to be a success!

The title is a bit short, because I made this grilled halloumi recipe with, of course, mint and sumac, but also with parsley, garlic, and lemon. This set tastes great with the grilled flavors of paneer, while also keeping a lot of freshness, it is very pleasant.

Thanks to this recipe, I found out how easy and quick it is to make good halloumi! It’s true, subject to being a good starting point. With this method of cooking, halloumi is slightly “bloated” and very crispy. It is indeed a matter of happiness. It’s fast, 8 to 10 minutes. I think I’ve definitely adopted him!

Grilled Halloumi in the Oven
Halloumi with Lemon, Mint and Parsley in the Oven

To enjoy my grilled halloumi, I could make a nice mezze platter with Greek salad, or tabbouleh, or even hummus. I love this type of table with lots of small dishes. But I wanted to keep it simple (and because it was going to take a lot of preparation for me on my own). I enjoy my halloumi slices with a cucumber tagliatelle and a squeeze of lemon juice. It makes a refreshing dish, ideal for lunch!

Again, I used summary for preparation and light pickling. This gives the spice a very pleasant light acidity. Associated with lemon, it is a real delight! Lemon juice, added after cooking, invigorates the preparation, but the concoction pleasantly aromatizes the preparation. I never get tired of using sumac in many preparations, something I didn’t know about until recently. If you’ve bought sumac and you don’t know what to do with it, I recommend you take a look at the other recipes on the blog, it’s a sweet and savory treat!

Grilled Halloumi in the Oven

Grilled Halloumi with Sumac and Minto

The Mediterranean in Your Mouth With This Crispy Halloumi Recipe

preparation time: 10 Minute

Cooking Time: 10 Minute

Rest time: 10 Minute

total time: 30 Minute

Type of dish: enter

Eat: Lebanon

Part: 4 People

Baked Halloumi Recipe


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