To change your habits, I offer you oregano fry , This is a different way of eating celery and can help people appreciate this vegetable. Yes, yes. Thanks to the great frying flavor and sweet spices contributing to this.

Like many people, I am not a lover of celery. This is clearly not a vegetable that I really like. But I found these ajwain fries to be actually more sweet, good, than mashed ajwain. I made these fries with pulled chicken burgers and it was really famous.

Celery Fries for a Change from Classic Fries

When I made this recipe, I wanted fry but didn’t want to fry. In fact, the smell of hot oil in my small apartment is unpleasant, so I reduce frying moments as much as possible during the year (often reserved for donuts and other miracles at the beginning of the year). I wanted to be different too, though I realize I never gave you the recipe for oven fries (which aren’t actually potatoes). So these celery fries were an opportunity to think outside the box and eat something a little better than potato fries (cooked celery has a slightly lower glycemic index than baked potatoes). These celery fries can be accompanied by a dish, or eaten as a single dish (such as the souvenir of a tray of fries from Funfair…).

Oven Roasted Celery Fry Recipe

Like squash, carrots or potatoes, celery is a vegetable rich in carbohydrates when cooked. Hence it develops a slightly sweet taste which we like when we eat french fries. On the other hand, forget the crunchy part of the fries with this recipe! The amount of oil does not allow them to be as crispy as deep frying potatoes…

Once baked in the oven, and coated with all these spices, celeriac loses this characteristic flavor amid the bitterness, soapy flavor and these slightly aniseed notes. In contrast, they are not intentionally camouflaged with spices. The initial flavor of celery is associated with other spices, thus giving it a flavor similar to the flavor of broth.

I highly recommend that you flavor your fries with powdered garlic, paprika and dried herbs as it gives them more complexity and flavor. After that, the choice is yours. You can make your celery fry with just a drizzle of oil (I really recommend olive oil) and a pinch of salt, but you’ll miss out on something a little more tempting!

Celery Fry with Spices and Herbs

What to Serve With Celery Fry?

You can have your celery fry with a little sauce. The most classic would be mayonnaise or barbecue sauce, but you can make a little lighter sauce with cheese or light cream and mustard. This sauce is actually very simple: Provide 100 grams of fromage blanc (0% or not) and 2 Tbsp. Mustard (or more, if you want it more spicy). No salt needed!

If you’re looking for what dishes you can go with these fries, I recommend all dishes “fast food” but homemade: pulled pork, pulled beef. Or chicken nuggets or even mini chicken burgers! Like sweet potato fries, these celery fries pair easily with all kinds of comfort food!

how to make celeriac fries

Celeriac Fry with Spices

A light recipe for celeriac fries, with pleasures to spare!

preparation time: 15 Minute

Cooking Time: 30 Minute

total time: 45 Minute

Type of dish: main course

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

Celery fry in the oven


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