Let me offer you an idea of ​​an anti-waste recipe: shepherd’s pie with guinea fowl , It’s been years since I ate a real shepherd’s pie, or rather, I hadn’t eaten a real mash! Because I don’t know if we can really say that this hash is a real “shepherd’s pie”.

When I was little, when I was asked about my favorite dish, I used to say hash pie. Typically, my mom covered ground beef with Gruyere in mashed potatoes and gratin. Sometimes having more time on Wednesdays, he made a real mash. And it was good! (Except that was with potatoes the day before, because, you know, the taste of reheated potatoes…) Anyway, since then I’ve been annoyed when people ask me my favorite dish.

I made this shepherd’s pie with guinea fowl because, last weekend at the market, I bought myself a guinea fowl. 1.9 kg guinea fowl. I made a Cabbage Guinea Hen with Collard Greens and Cider. To eat something for a while. I don’t eat meat at all, so I still had some left over.

For this recipe, so I cut up leftover guinea fowl meat (whites, thighs, wings…) as I do for pulled chicken. except that in this recipe, there is no chutney with a slightly sweet coating. There are limits to making a “pulled guinea fowl” version (let’s say, you can’t say guinea fowl in English!). Rather I liked the seasonal, sweet and comforting dish.

Hash Parmentier Recipe with Guinea Poultry, Grated with Comte

What to do with leftover guinea fowl? A shepherd’s pie!

You know it all along, I especially love cooking leftovers. Give a second life to things. It’s been called “anti-waste cooking” for a while, but personally, I call it “common sense.” When we can eat it, we don’t throw it away. (No, I’m not going to eat only the skins or tops of carrots).

I like to cook multiple dishes from the same recipe (and that’s certainly a good thing about some forms of batch cooking). From a guinea fowl, I’m going to make a Pinted Shepherd’s Pie after making a pan with mushrooms and other vegetables, but also a sauce for pasta.

By chopping up the meat of the guinea fowl and adding a little parsley and shallots, a few more herbs, if you like, you get a wonderful dish: this pie pie with guinea fowl!

What to do with leftover guinea fowl?  A shepherd's pie!

How to Find Success with Your Shepherd’s Pie?

The secret to a good mince is a good mash first of all! To make your mash a success, it’s important to choose the right mashed potatoes, such as Binge.

Then you have to take all your precautions and your time to make your mash. Depending on the quantity, I recommend using a fork, potato masher or grinder. Personally, I have a potato masher and although it takes some time, the result is perfect.

Personally, I add a cream-butter mixture as I mash the mash, to get the right consistency. I don’t mind having some small bits left over (like in mashed potatoes), but I’d recommend using a grinder or press if you want a very fine mash.

How to make hash permanent?

A good mince also has the right balance between meat and mash. I recommend the “half and half” ratio level. It will give you the perfect balance of flavors, and you can savor every fork of this amazing pintada pie!

Finally, a good shepherd’s pie has a delicious crispy crust on top. You can opt for comte or breadcrumbs like here. Either way, put your dish under the grill for a few minutes.

What to serve with shepherd’s pie?

Whether it’s with this Pintade Shepherd’s Pie, or with beef cheek mince, I recommend leek fondue (which can also be included in mince!) Butter with Green Cabbage. You can also opt for Roasted Broccoli or Baked Brussels Sprouts.

How to make puree for shepherd's pie?

Recipe for Shepherd’s Pie with Grated Guinea Hen with Comte!

Now let’s move on to the recipe for this shepherd’s pie! You can follow this recipe with all your leftover chicken!

How to make a shepherd's pie with guinea fowl?

shepherd’s pie with guinea fowl

A delicious recipe for shepherd’s pie with guinea fowl, perfect for using up leftover guinea fowl.

preparation time: 40 Minute

Cooking Time: 30 Minute

total time: 1 time 10 Minute

Type of dish: main course

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

prepare mashed potatoes

*If you made your shepherd’s pie the day before, cover it with aluminum foil and cook for 25 minutes, then grill. If your mince is too thick, continue the first cooking for 35 minutes.

How to make shepherd's pie with guinea fowl


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