nothing more than heat multicolored tomato salad , Like a link between the intense colors of the season mixed with the aroma of tomatoes. This flavor that I associate with summer since childhood. This Proust is made from the real good tomatoes we grow and which taste very different from supermarket tomatoes. The taste of cherry tomatoes, this summer candy.. This sweet, savory flavor.. This flavor that changes and develops from variety to variety, more or less potent, more or less intense. And then this meat is so firm, melting.

But it’s only been a few years since we’ve seen different varieties of tomatoes blooming on supermarket shelves. Prior to this, it was reserved for some of the beginners of markets, or vegetable gardens, who treasured certain seeds. Today the tomato is no longer the image that is pinal, round, red, shiny. Tomato takes back his clothes and cultivates his difference. It comes in all colours, shapes, sizes.

Salad Tomato Varieties

So of course, I will tell you about tomato varieties to make beautiful salads, because that is the topic of this article. It’s useless to make a list of all the varieties that exist for you.. because I risk losing you before that, if moreover it gets boring…

Have you ever found yourself face to face with a tomato stall, not really knowing which ones were good for your salad? A little bit like potatoes, for mashing and for raclette… Well, not all tomatoes are perfect in salads! So I’ll give you some of my favorites!

Each of these tomatoes has a uniqueness. They are sometimes more fleshy, sometimes sweeter or conversely more acidic, they have an unusual shape or even a mixture of several specialties. That’s why I give you my favorite varieties for making a nice salad of multicolored tomatoes.

How to make Multicolored Tomato Salad

Pineapple Tomatoes

In this class, we find several sub-varieties, but which have similar characteristics: large yellow fruit (sometimes pulling on an orange tree), with lots of flesh and few seeds. Sweet and juicy, they work wonders in salads!

lemon boy tomato

Another variety of the yellow tomato, it is more tart and full of seeds than the pineapple tomato. I use it for its “classic” caliber when I want a graphic tomato salad like this multi-colored tomato salad. It is also excellent as a stuffing variety of tomatoes.

Crimean Black

This is a tomato that turns almost black when ripe. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an intense and bright black. It is a powder black like charcoal. The interior is more brown (as you can see on this Multicolored Tomato Salad!) It tastes as pungent as the sun when cooked!

Delicious Salad of Tomatoes and Pine Nuts

pink tomatoes

Again, this is a very fleshy tomato, with little seeds. The fruits are usually slightly flattened. They have a reddish tint that draws on the pink, as if the color was washed out, as if rubbed in the sun. Its taste is sweet, not very pronounced.

beef heart tomatoes

Queen variety among salad tomatoes, it is a large heart shaped tomatoes… Organ! It has a rounded end, the other more pointed, and is generally asymmetrical. This is a tomato with very few seeds, so perfect for salads!

Andean Horned Tomato

As its name suggests, it is a tomato… in the shape of a horn! rectangular, slightly curved at its ends, she looks like a little chili Or a little chili. It is relatively rich in seeds but still allows for good regular slices for salads. Intense red in colour, it allows you to change shape and size!

Which sauce for tomato salad?

green zebra tomato

As the name suggests, it is a tomato that remains green even when ripe. It is edged in light yellow/gold. This is a delicate and delicate tomato, which I appreciate as much for its appearance as it is for its slightly tangy flavor. Be careful to choose it ripe! It’s perfect for a salad of multicolored tomatoes, with soft green so unusual!

cherry tomatoes

I intentionally kept this variety in the plural because there are so many varieties of cherry tomatoes! The latter are generally tender and sweet, and provide a nice contrast to your salad!

So here you are, ready with all your varieties of tomatoes! All you have to do is find a good spice for it. I invite you to discover the original and delicious seasoning of this multicolored tomato salad. Otherwise, you might as well find another idea with this Tomato and Cherry Tomato Salad!

And the support level…

What to drink with tomato salad?

What to drink with a multicolored (or monochrome!) Tomato Salad?

Tomatoes are often something that can be intimidating to find a suitable wine for. Not long ago, I had a chance to discover the compromise between sun-soaked tomato salad and tavel du Trinquedale Castle ,

Tavel’s wines are generally very dark in color, which we call “wineux,” meaning they’re more like a lighter red wine on the palate than the lighter rosé we have. drinking habit. As they say, they have more structure. These are wines that go very well in summer with notes of red fruits (raspberries, strawberries, cherries) and black pepper…

Tavel du Chateau de Trinquevedel puts this juicy fruit in the mouth, with sweet or even candied aromas of strawberries and raspberries, which go wonderfully with the sweetness of tomatoes, as long as they smell ‘summer’. Along with are beautiful, juicy tomatoes! It has a slight minerality that brings out just the right amount of freshness without implying a level of compromise… you want to wonder? Try this rosé on your multicolored tomato salad!

Which sauce for tomato salad?

multicolored tomato salad

A Very Simple Tomato Salad Recipe And Its Spices That Change Everything!

preparation time: 15 Minute

total time: 15 Minute

Type of dish: salad

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

prepare the seasoning


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