Today I present you a new idea of ​​Stuffed Vegetable: Stuffed Pastry with Merguez and Olives , I wanted to vary the pleasures so I dared to go from sausage meat way to grilling vegetables while staying in the same register.

Typically, stuffed vegetables signal the end of summer. You have to use the last vegetables so they don’t spoil so that they get stuffed and baked in the oven. With the temperatures still mild this year, I wanted an extra touch of sun on my plate. So it was quite natural that I turned to Marguez and black olives.

I already made pastries with classic stuffing. It was really delicious so when I saw them coming back to the stalls I couldn’t resist.

Merguez-Stuffed Pastries: Stuffed Vegetables That Change

Merguez is a mixture of minced meat and spices. The minced meat that makes it up can be mutton or beef, or even a mixture of mutton and beef. It’s the latter that I prefer because I’m not a big fan of mutton, but I still like the distinctive flavor it gives to merguez. The flesh of the merguez is very spicy, with a mixture of spices that vary but often contain hot or sweet peppers, cumin, paprika, seed fennel, garlic, but also herbs such as cilantro, mint or oregano. Although they are typically used grilled, in a pan, or on the barbecue, merguez is ideal for this type of basic preparation, as a filling for vegetables!

How to make Stuffing from Merges?

To fill my pastries with meringues, I used meringues I bought from my butcher. I prefer to remove the hose. So I took off my marguez: with a small knife I cut the skin several centimeters in order to cure only the flesh. To make my stuffing, I then mixed this meat with a little dried herbs and black olives. Since marguez is already well spiced, there is no point in adding additional spices. If you like spicy marguez, you can always fix it by adding a little espelette pepper, if you think your marguez isn’t strong enough!

Stuffed Vegetables: Stuffed Pastries with Merguez

Like zucchini, the flesh of the patisson is relatively soft. Hence it is advisable to decorate your stuffing well so that the poori is delicious. Which is why I think the merge makes it possible to give this vegetable a bit of a wake-up call to rock-filled pastries! You should also be aware that like zucchini, pattison meat takes a while to cook.

I cooked in water before so that they don’t have to cook for too long in the oven. This prevents the filling from overcooking and becoming too dry meatballs. It’s better, isn’t it? It’s also a new opportunity to add flavor to your vegetables! I sometimes pre-cook them in broth (vegetables or poultry), or I flavor the water with spices and herbs (thyme, bay leaf, cloves, coriander seeds, fennel, dried mint…). Of course, there are many possibilities to be customized according to the filling.

To give my stuffing an extra flavor, I opted for black olives. It gives a little “pizza” side to the scene, but also in the mouth because I put oregano in my stuffing! It’s up to you to choose the size of the pieces: whole olives, sliced ​​or sliced ​​straight. It’s up to you what you like!

Easy Recipe for Stuffed Patissons with Merguez

Merguez and Olive Stuffed Pastries

Change Your Habits With These Stuffed Pastries! Stuffing made of merguez and black olives, to prolong the taste of winter

preparation time: 20 Minute

Cooking Time: 50 Minute

total time: 1 time 10 Minute

Type of dish: main course

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

For Stuffed Patties

pre-cook the patties

Preparing the Stuffing with Marguez and Black Olives

Cook Your Marguez Patties

You can also pre-cook the patty in boiling water for 20 minutes, then cut it and remove the meat to prepare the stuffing. I am less of a fan of this method as the smaller patties have a tendency to soak up water.
You can fill the patisson with whatever you want, such as tomatoes, zucchini… it’s up to you what will give them the most flavor!
How to make Vegetable Stuffed with Merguez?


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