Lemon sorbet without ice cream maker, a cheap pleasure to refresh you this season, i present you here how to make it at home.


– 6 lemons
– 125 grams sugar
– 24 cl water


Firstly make syrup, put water in a pan, add sugar, put on medium flame and stir with a whisk.
Keep stirring continuously to dissolve the sugar.
Meanwhile, cut lemons in half, juice 4 lemons – keep the rest of the lemons whole for decoration, then pour the juices into the pan.
After boiling, cook on medium-low flame for 4 minutes.
Allow your mixture to cool for a while and then blend in a saucepan using a hand blender for 1 to 2 minutes.

You will have a white foam on the surface, scoop it out with a spoon and then pour your final mixture into the freezer compartment.
Keep it in the freezer overnight.
The next day – dip an ice cream scoop in hot water to easily form balls – and form your own balls.
Put them in your presentation glass and serve, and here’s your lemon sorbet without an ice cream maker… good for everyone.


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