today i will tell you about Homemade Fries, The real potato fryThose that cook in oil and those that are super-crunchy! The recipe for homemade fries is really easy and ultimately doesn’t require a lot of effort (unless you’re 40 at the table, otherwise it’s all about potatoes and frying!)

Over the years, I got the impression that making your potato fries is a bit complicated. Blame it on the frozen fries. In the end, it takes a while to make homemade fries, but the result is great! So let me give you the recipe but above all the tips to make your homemade fries a success, so that they are tender inside and delicately crunchy on the outside!

Well, I am talking about deep fryer or pan frying with classic frying oil. For Belgian-style fries, with beef white, we go to the chip shop, it’s so much better!

French fries have that regressive side we just can’t resist! To me, they’re synonymous with childhood, a plastic tray dotted with cooking salt that’s crisp enough to bite into, a fun fair, a school fair, the accompaniment of hamburgers on kids’ menus. French fries are the forbidden pleasure that we take for granted from time to time. This is an anti-health message. It’s fatty, it’s salty… but like all fried foods: it’s good!

In my mind, french fries are an inseparable part of some dishes. I love eating homemade burgers with fries! And mussels in the sea! It’s impossible not to have some fry on the side!

How to make Homemade Fries?
How to make Potato Fry?

How to make good crispy fries at home?

Here are all the tips and tricks to make your potato fry a wonderfully successful one! Now don’t be afraid to try homemade fries in the pan or in the deep fryer!

Which potato fry to make?

The best potato for making fry is Bintje , You need a variety of potatoes with a floury pulp, a little watery and dense flesh. Thus, they do not dry out during cooking and hence remain soft inside!

How to cook fry so that they are crunchy?

Secrets of Crispy Fries Sticks to Double Cooking: One First bath at 130/150 °C then a The second at 180/200 °C. The first bath will allow the potatoes to cook, which have a slightly longer cooking time.

Easy and Crispy Potato Fry

By cooking at a “low” temperature (everything is relative, I grant you), we’ll thus avoid the formation of an outer crust, and the oil will be able to penetrate the heart of the fries to cook the potatoes thoroughly. . , The second bath, followed by a short rest, will allow the fries to crisp up nicely because that’s its only role! We all have fond memories of a soft, uncooked potato fry. It’s not cool, so we want to avoid it as much as we can!

Little tips to make these home fry

In addition to two cooking baths and the right choice of potatoes, it is also important that dry the potatoes well Once detailed in fries, before their first shower. This only prevents the fries from sticking to each other during cooking, due to the effect of starch. It’s also important to wait a bit between 2 baths for the fry to cool down and the starch to work. This will give very soft fries without creating an “oil sponge”.

My last tip for delicious homemade fries is seasoning! It’s important to season them when they’re hot (and that’s how they’re better, otherwise yes, they get soft!!) I recommend you add fleur de cello But spices too! I am in love smoked paprika Which gives a little extra flavor. You can also add some fresh or dried oregano or other herbs here. For ultra gourmet fries, I have my favorite minced mix, which I also use for potatoes: fleur de sel, paprika, garlic powder, oregano and rosemary!

How to make Homemade Fries?

Homemade Potato Fry

Easy and Crispy Home Fries Recipe!

preparation time: 20 Minute

Cooking Time: 15 Minute

Rest time: 10 Minute

total time: 45 Minute

Type of dish: Accompaniment

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

Crispy Fry's Easy Recipe


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