Extra Fluffy Coconut Sooji Cake, a perfect breakfast cake recipe, here is an easy recipe for at home and for the whole family.


– 150 grams wheat semolina
– 4 tbsp grated coconut
– 100 grams butter
– 80 grams white chocolate
– 75 cl of whole milk
– 50 grams of sugar
– 3 eggs
– 1 vanilla pod


First, preheat your oven to 180°, grease your cake tin with butter, cut the vanilla pod in half lengthwise.
Then pour milk into a large saucepan, crumbly white chocolate, add sugar and bring everything to a boil.
Then add semolina, stir and bring to a boil again, then cook on medium heat for 12 minutes.
Remove pan from heat, remove vanilla pod, add butter with egg, whisk after each addition, then add 3 Tbsp coconut.
Mix then pour your mixture into the mold and put it in the oven to cook for 20 minutes.
At the end of cooking, sprinkle 1 tbsp coconut, then leave to cool, unmold and chop.
Finally you have your extra soft coconut sooji cake, serve and enjoy your meal.


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