Cookio Pulled Pork, A Delicious Sandwich for Your Main Meal, Here you will find the ingredients to easily make this dish at home and with your cooks.


– 800 grams pork shoulder or loin.
– 5 tbsp barbecue sauce
– 2 tbsp honey
– 2 tbsp soy sauce
– 3 tbsp ketchup
– 12 cl water


First pour water into your cookie bowl, add barbecue sauce, honey, soy sauce, ketchup and mix them with a spatula.
Then pour your pork – shoulder or loin – on top and always mix with a spatula.
Then start cooking fast – under the pressure of your cooks – for a period of 30 minutes.
Stir with spatula then begin rapid cooking – under pressure for a period of 30 minutes.
Then stir again and begin to cook rapidly – under pressure from Cookio for 20 minutes.
At the end of cooking use two forks to shred or shred your meat and then put it back in the bowl and brown for 2 minutes in browning mode.

Cuco Pulled Pork 1
Finally, serve your Cucio pulled pork on hamburger buns topped with additional barbecue sauce, and give everyone the bon appetit.


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