what if you put some sun on your plate with it Chicken with Olives and Candied Lemon , These flavors are very well known in the cuisine of the Maghreb, where this dish is usually cooked in a fresh, a terracotta dish with a special shape that allows a certain circulation of water vapor in the dish, providing a gentle cooking For meat that thus remains so tender.

A slow cooker like this is perfect for winter. Spices give us a bit of warmth and colour, lemon brings a bit of sweetness and a relaxing scent. I like this Mediterranean cuisine rich in spices Which brings out so many different flavors.

When I do my batch cooking sessions, I like to make the most of the products I have in my freezer, fridge or cupboards. The idea is to make the most with what you already have and avoid buying too many things. I had a jar of green olives in the fridge, and I don’t eat a lot, but most of all I had a whole chicken in the freezer, Remnants of a recipe I never made for the holidays. So I wanted a chicken recipe with olives, and then I had a little revelation, remembering the cross-recipe on the net by a hint of being lost… and I wanted to make Chicken with Olives and Candied Lemon ,

Like all casseroles, this dish is absolutely delicious when reheated! The idea to make successful chicken with lemon and olives is Marinate Chicken few hours before cooking. As I made this recipe as part of a “batch” that aims to cook in a limited amount of time while keeping it “simple”, I didn’t make the marinade. It was still absolutely delicious (and even more so the following days..). This is the type of dish you want to make and freeze in great quantities, to be able to freeze a few pieces and take them out when the desire is too much!

What to Serve With My Lemon and Olive Chicken?

I opted to serve the chicken basmati rice But you can very well serve it Quinoa, Of Semolina or even cooking small potatoes straight with your chicken. This dish also works perfectly with baked potato fries (with lots of spices that will miss the spices of the dish)!

Chicken with Candied Lemon and Green Olives

Where to find candied lemons in salt?

One of the main ingredients for making this recipe is salted lemon, you can get these lemons Oriental Grocery Store, “products of the world” departments in supermarkets or in . In organic reserves, This is where I buy mine because when I’m going to eat the skin of a fruit (or a vegetable for that matter) I prefer to consume organic. Organic doesn’t exclude chemical treatment, that’s true, but it reassures me more. The ideal is to find organic lemons, not chemically treated ones. Of course, you can also make your own homemade candied lemons. All you have to do is pour organic lemons into a sterilized jar with water and salt and leave it for a while. This will make salted lemons candy!

How to cook chicken with candied lemon and olives?

Here’s my recipe for Chicken with Candied Lemon and Olives. The secret of this recipe? a slow cooking, suppressed. All the flavors are mixed and matched for an absolutely delicious dish! Choosing good quality material is essential.

How to Make Chicken with Candied Lemon and Olives?
Chicken Recipe with Lemon and Olives

Chicken with Lemon and Olives

A recipe for chicken with lemon and green olives, gently broiled with mild spices

preparation time: 20 Minute

Cooking Time: 2 time

total time: 2 time 20 Minute

Type of dish: main course

Eat: Morocco

Part: 4 People

Chicken with Olives and Lemon


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