If there’s one major salad in summer, it’s Suzy Tabbouleh , For me, it’s a must for picnics, cold buffets, fresh starters or even grilled sides. When we talk about Tabbouleh, we can already imagine ourselves with sunglasses, feet in the grass or sand, enjoying the freshness brought by this dish.

I have tons of refreshing salad recipes for summer, but this mint and pepper-free semolina tabbouleh wins my pick. This is really fresh tabbouleh for summer, with a very good “pleasure/effort” ratio.

This is actually very easy to do and is even better done ahead of time. So this is actually the perfect summer recipe for me. This can be made a day ahead and will be equally pleasant, very refreshing with intense aroma. This is a recipe that doesn’t require cooking, like the one for Tabbouleh without cauliflower semolina. Hence it is ideal during the hot summer months!

Suzy Tabbouleh should not be confused with Lebanese Tabbouleh. The latter is actually very rich in fresh herbs, parsley and mint, with a bit of semolina that will swell under the action of lemon juice, olive oil and tomatoes. Unlike semolina, tabbouleh which is rich in wheat semolina.

Semolina Tabbouleh with Fresh Herbs

How to make Sooji’s Taboo?

How to make Sooji's Taboo?

All you have to do is mix equal amounts of semolina with boiling water, a drizzle of olive oil, and salt. then mix lightly and let it bloom Thirty minutes. This step will allow you to “cook” the couscous semolina, just enough.

in the meantime you can raisins to bloom In some boiling water with lemon juice. I sometimes use raisins that are still very fleshy, providing a very pleasant flavor.

Then you can add chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins and herbs. I usually make my tabboole without black pepper, don’t digest them. But if this is not your case, you can definitely add small chopped peppers. For a basic version, you can add chopped zucchini or even fresh onions (white onions).

easy recipe of tabbouleh with couscous semolina

To finish everything off, add a little lemon juice, a good pinch of espelette pepper (or sansho pepper with a very fresh citrus flavor). You can add a little olive oil again if you find it useful.

It is also possible to mix vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes) with semolina before adding boiling water. It also allows you to enjoy tomato and cucumber juices, but vegetables can be prone to cook, and so they lose the crunch you’re looking for!

To make this tabbouleh with semolina, I recommend using smaller-caliber tomatoes (olive types, slightly taller tomatoes, or fairly large cherry tomatoes). So you have more flesh than seed. I also recommend you remove the “seed” part of your tomatoes, to get some fleshy, without “moistening” the semolina.

What to drink with semolina tabbouleh?

With this tabbouleh with semolina, what could be better than a good fast?

In addition to being a great summer drink, rosé is a light ale, easy to drink. I haven’t had rosés for a very long time, but I must admit they offer a great versatility, but above all have the ability to go well with many dishes!

What to drink with tabbouleh with semolina?

To accompany this semolina tabbouleh, I chose rosé d’Anjou. This Loire rosé wine has one major advantage: it is a semi-dry wine, with very little sweetness. This allows it to bring out a bit of sweetness and go well with the sweetness of raisins. Plus, beyond their flavor of red berries (raspberries and cherries), they have this minty and peppery finish that blends wonderfully with the various flavors of tabbouleh.

That’s why I chose Qiwi 8 1/2 Domaine des Trottières . From, a blend for so many Gamay and Grollo that yields a semi-dry rosé wine with little alcohol, because the cuvée is… at 9°C! (not to say 8.5 °C…)

This kuwi is really typical for the aroma of Anjou Roses: small red fruit notes, English candy with a nice minty finish. Tasted fresh, it matches this tabbouleh perfectly!

I could also give you a white wine on fruit with notes of white flowers and yellow stone fruit.

Sooji Tabbouleh Recipe

Suzy Tabbouleh

Discover this Semolina Tabboula with Mint, Tomato, and Cucumber Without Black Pepper

preparation time: 20 Minute

Rest time: 30 Minute

total time: 50 Minute

Type of dish: salad

Eat: French

Part: 4 People


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