For this new recipe, I present you with Gua Baos shredded thai beef, like a fusion inspired by Asian cuisine. I married gua baos, these steamed buns straight from Chinese street food, with pulled beef, cooked in a mixture of aromatics, spices, and sauces with Asian flavors. The result is a deliciously flavored dish that will trip up the taste buds!

I Made These Gua Baos With Thai Beef To Make With Them Rose wine from the Ctes de Provence appellation, This may sound surprising or explosive to you, just keep in mind that rosé wine can be drunk all year round, and it pairs wonderfully with Asian flavored dishes! I will tell you more about it below.

And the Asian flavors, this dish is full of them! I’ll come back to this a little later, but my meat is cooked at low temperatures in a mixture of flavors reminiscent of Thai beef: garlic, ginger, shallots, lemongrass, coriander seeds, salty and sweet soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce. .. This cooking technique allows for ultra-tender meat, full of flavor and therefore very pleasant to taste Beef Gua Baos!

I just made Gua Baos a few years back: Gua Baos with Candied Pork! I was really won over by the texture of the steamed buns, the contrast between this crumbly and sturdy filling. The pork tenderloin was confit and accompanied by herbs and raw vegetables, peanuts, to reinforce the texture game!

In my Thai Beef Gua Baos, the texture contrasts are also present. Cashews bring a bit of crunch and adorn a tender beef that still retains a certain chewiness. These gua bao are garnished with mint and cilantro as well as scallion onions for freshness.

Shredded Beef Steamed Gua Bao
How to make Homemade Gua Bao?

How to make Gua Baos? Some tips for success!

Like all swirl flour, baos flour should be served sparingly. We should give what is needed under stress, without much effort. That’s why I advise you to respect the time specified below in the recipe.

Also be careful to monitor growth time, as this can have consequences on your buns. If you overstretch them, they run the risk of “deflating” after cooking, or conversely, inflating too much and not looking at all what you expect from gua bao!

How to reheat your beef gua baos (and your baos in general..)?

To reheat your BIOS, you can:

  • Wet them lightly and heat them in the microwave for 1 minute
  • Put them in a steamer basket and heat for 2 minutes (and keep covered for 1 to 2 minutes)
Food and Wine Pairing with Gua Bao

What wine to take with gua baos with beef? Roses of Ctes de Provence!

We rarely think of rosé outside of summer, and yet this is a wine that pairs wonderfully with Asian cuisine! So I thought of this beef gua bao recipe to taste it with Rose wine from the Ctes de Provence appellation, It is often mistaken to think that rosé is a summer wine that can only be enjoyed by the pool with ice cubes. this is wrong.

The richness of grape varieties grown in Provence makes it possible to obtain wines of great diversity, both in terms of color palette and aromatics.

For this agreement, we need rose with bodyTo oppose beef, but also fruit and freshness To combine with all the aromas of cooked meat asian flavors,

How to pair Gua Bao with wine?

for example you have rosé frejuso, From Domaine Le Berkela In AOC Ctes de ProvenceA blend of Grenache, Tibourne, Cinsault and Syrah, yielding a balanced and refreshing wine, with a nice finish on slightly acidic fruits.

we continue Domaine du Clos d’Alari . Se Grand Clos QV, A Rose Wine Inn AOC Ctes de Provence With a blend of 3 grape varieties: Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle. Here we again find a nice freshness with an onslaught of white peach and tangy cherry. On this so-called “gastronomic” cuvée, we can recognize the character of Grenache that provides this famous structure that we need to go well with beef.

Finally, QV umrates of Grimaud Winegrowers, In AOC Ctes de Provence as well. A blend of Grenache and Syrah collected on plots in which the grapes were harvested at full maturity, we have a complex wine with a beautiful structure. Here again, a gastronomic rosé that allows you to happily dine with it without any drawbacks. It has the aromatic complexity to go well with many dishes, including these Beef Gua Baos!

I relied on my past experience to retouch recipes and make bao dough easier to handle without losing the gluttony… Mission accomplished!

How to make Gua Bao?

Gua Baos with Beef

Delicious “Gua Baos” Bread Stuffed With Shredded Beef With Thai Flavor

preparation time: 1 time

Cooking Time: 7 Minute

Rest time: 1 time 30 Minute

Type of dish: main course

Eat: Sugar

Part: 4 People

Thai Pulled Beef Gua Bao Recipe

Consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume it in limited quantity.
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