Every year, I recommend a little squash-based recipe for the holidays, as it’s a seasonal vegetable that’s easily part of festive clothing. This year, it will be smaller Squash Panna Cotta, to treat your guests as an aperitif or starter.

I love making delicious panna cotta. I find them a bit chic and on the gourmet side, while remaining fresh and therefore enjoyable for beginning meals. Last year, I made small panna cotta with Parmesan, as an aperitif with fish roe, or even a panna cotta with cauliflower, to serve alongside caviar and scallops. Here, we don’t agree with fish (though it’s still possible), but a panna cotta with a sweet flavor.

Squash panna cotta can also be used as a base for serving a cold starter, flavored with wood, for example a pan-fried button mushroom with egg!

Panna Cotta with Zucchini and Hazelnuts
Panna Cotta with Squash

Panna cotta with squash, ideas for an original festive aperitif

I don’t know about you, but as much as I like to stick to the classics a bit, as much as for desserts and aperitifs, I love exploring new ideas. I am always on the lookout for original recipes that allow you to switch up the pleasures. That’s how these little aperitif Verines were born.

If you are also looking for ideas for festive aperitifs, I hope this recipe appeals to you! Otherwise, I dare to hope that you will find your joy among all my ideas for original recipes for aperitifs!

I realize I may not have published enough squash-based aperitif recipes… I keep this idea in my head!

Christmas Aperitif Ideas: Panna Cotta Verines With Squash

How to make Delicious Panna Cotta?

To make this little salty panna cotta or any other panna cotta with vegetablesAll you have to do is make a puree and then add it to your salty panna cotta maker.

Here, I made my panna cotta with a fairly liquid squash puree made with grated squash, broth, and some spices. I could have used sweet potatoes too. You can use this technique to make many delicious panna cotta!

Which squash to choose for this salty panna cotta?

Here, I used butternut squash, a sweet squash with a fairly round and luscious flavor, almost buttery. Hence it matches wonderfully with the roundness of the cream.

You can also use pumpkin, which has a more pronounced flavor with a chestnut flavor. You’ll also get a more intense orange hue.

How to make panna cotta appetizer?

I went with my panna cotta with a little bit of chives, to bring in a little freshness and a more vegetal flavor. I also added a few pieces of hazelnuts for crunch, as Cyril Lignac would say, but also pieces of Parmesan shortbread, to remind the Parmesan flavor of the preparation, and to bring out the crunchiness.

By itself, panna cotta can be a bit “heavy,” so adding some texture is essential. You can also add some squash puree to serve as a topping. However, I advise you to avoid the “pasty” side of the preparation to provide a crunchy and/or crunchy element.

We enjoyed ourselves as an aperitif with these little squash panna cotta verines, I’m actually so pleased with this new test. The squash flavor is present but remains subtle. I chose full cream so it tastes more creamy, but you can also do it with a light liquid cream if you want!

panna cotta with squash
Panna Cotta with Zucchini and Hazelnuts

salted panna cotta with squash

A Delicious Gourmet Starter

preparation time: 25 Minute

Cooking Time: 25 Minute

Rest time: 6 time

total time: 6 time 50 Minute

Type of dish: enter

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

Panna Cotta with Butternut Squash


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