What if we start the week with a delicious Pan-Fried Porcini Mushrooms and Tuberous Chervil , This is a delicious seasonal mix! A few weeks ago, I found some really beautiful porcini mushrooms in the market (unable to pick them up in the woods). They were beautiful, firm and not crooked. I could also make a carpaccio of fresh porcini mushrooms out of it… but that would be next time (or even next year, given the current conditions). I wanted to cook my porcini mushrooms just the way I like them: a nice pan-fried porcini mushroom that’s a little crisp on the outside, and tender on the inside. Not sticky, just gripped properly!

I love this type of simple yet delicious dish: some porcini mushrooms sliced ​​into pieces, some tuberous cherries and some walnuts, all browned in butter. To accompany, a little roasted spinach and a fried egg. My kind of lunch plate! I prepare a good amount of fried porcini mushrooms, and then I reheat it over the course of the week to enjoy it. In the fall, I regularly prepare large amounts of roasted mushrooms like this, which I’ll eat up to 2 to 3 times…and a lot of times, it ends up in an omelet. Omelette with the trumpet of death, what a joy !!!

How to make a pan of fresh porcini mushrooms?

To be successful at making a good pan-fried porcini mushroom, there are a few tips and secrets to know. I give you the keys to well-ripened, non-sticky porcini mushrooms that are a little crispy all around and melty on the inside!

How to Make a Nice Pan-Fried Porcini Mushroom?

Have Fresh Porcini Mushrooms

First secret: It’s important to make sure your porcini mushrooms are fresh. To do this, they must be very firm and dry. They shouldn’t be sticky and spongy, otherwise they’re starting to give back their moisture, and that’s not a good sign. It is essential that the spatula is well supported, and in particular that the cap grips the leg well. Depending on the physical identity of your porcini mushroom, the cap may come off, but that’s only because the grip is too thin. It does not matter.

Another important point: foam! It should be clear, yellow/beige or even slightly green. Be careful, if it is khaki green, it means that your porcini is not very fresh anymore.

Clean Your Porcini Mushrooms Well

It is important to remove soil and other pieces of vegetation. I use a knife for the feet and a brush or toothbrush for the cap.

Pan-Fried Porcini Mushrooms and Tuberous Chervil

and foam? There are 2 schools: those with and without. Personally, I keep it when there isn’t much (especially on small porcini mushrooms), and I remove it when the latter is very important… because that’s what it gives, among other things. , it’s average sticky side good. And most of all, especially: don’t run them under water. Guaranteed glue effect. You can use a little water to clean them but that’s it!

Roast Porcini Mushrooms!

For a good fried porcini mushroom, if possible I chose young porcini mushrooms, not very large ones. I cut them in half (to make sure they weren’t crooked), then cut them into equally sized strips (for cooking).

I heat butter in a pan, I add rosemary or sage if necessary, and I sear my pieces of porcini mushrooms. I cook them like this for about 5 minutes, frying them regularly, even for cooking.

If intending to mix them, I put them on a plate uncovered, time to prepare the rest.

How to cook Porcini Mushrooms?

For this recipe, I decided to go with tuberous chervil with porcini mushrooms.

Tuberous Cheryl is an underrated gem. Not because of its price, but because of its name, Tuberous Cheryl is a real delight. Chervil is a delicately cultivated vegetable, so it is rare and relatively expensive. And yes, sure, when you see his head a little misshapen, you know you have to peel it and you don’t even know what it tastes like… but what a delight! It’s melting, with slight flavors of chestnut and fresh hazelnut, the texture between a baked potato and a Jerusalem artichoke. It is a delicate vegetable, it should not be overcooked or else its flesh can quickly turn rancid and therefore less tender!

If you don’t know, I strongly invite you to try the tuberous chervil puree which is easy and very delicate to replace with potatoes!

Pan-Fried Porcini Mushroom Recipe

Pan-Fried Porcini Mushrooms and Tuberous Chervil

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preparation time: 30 Minute

Cooking Time: 25 Minute

total time: 55 Minute

Type of dish: Accompaniment

Eat: French

Part: 4 People

Prepare Tuber Cherries

You can use this pan to serve with poultry or meat, or simply enjoy it with fried spinach and scrambled eggs, like here!

How to make Porcini Mushroom Pancakes?


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