Kiwi Zucchini Apple Chutney, a light and rich treat for your dessert, here you will find the easiest recipe to make it at home.


– 2 apples
– 3 kiwis
– 3 zucchini
– Water
– fine sugar


Firstly peel the apple and remove the seeds and cut the apple into cubes, cut the zucchini into slices.
Then put them in the steamer basket and let them steam – bain marie – over medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes.
Then put them in the bowl of your food processor along with the kiwi pieces, add a small glass of water and icing sugar to taste.
Mix everything to desired consistency, pour into jars, glasses or mini bowls and put in the fridge.
Lastly, your apple chutney, kiwi zucchini, serve and good appetite to all.


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