Best Vanilla Shortbread Cookie for your Afternoon Snack, Delicious Crunchy Vanilla Wafers, here is an easy recipe at home.


– 135 grams flour
– 60 grams wheat flour
– 110 grams unsalted butter, at room temperature
– 200 g sugar
– 2 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 egg
– 1 tbsp cream
– 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 1/4 tsp salt


First preheat your oven to 180° and line a plate with baking paper.
Then add butter to the bowl of your mixer and beat until the butter becomes creamy.
Then add sugar and vanilla extract and beat on medium speed for 3 minutes.
Then add egg and cream and keep whisking for 2 minutes.
In a bowl, combine the two flours with the baking powder and salt and then put them in the bowl of your food processor and mix on medium speed.
Once your dough is formed, make small balls, place them on the baking sheet in the middle of them, and then flatten them gently with the palm of your hand.
Then put your baking sheet in the oven for 15 minutes, until your cookies are golden brown
Finally here is your best Vanilla Shortbread Cookie, serve and everyone has a good appetite.


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