Chocolate Mousse Dessert with Cocoa, a Creamy Dessert for Your Dessert, here you will find easy to make this dish at home and with your cooks.


– 1 liter whole milk
– 100 grams cocoa powder
– 70 grams cornstarch
– 12 cl water
– 100 grams of sugar
– 1 sachet of vanilla sugar


First, dissolve the cornstarch in water and keep it aside.
Then start the browning mode, pour the milk into the tank and let it heat up.
Then pour cocoa powder on top and stir with a whisk in browning mode.
When cocoa is mixed well, add sugar and vanilla sugar and mix for 30 seconds.
Then add the diluted cornstarch to the water and keep whisking then bring your mixture to a boil and whisk from time to time then turn off the browning mode.
Divide your mixture into verines, fillet them, and put in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
Finally, here’s your Chocolate Mousse Dessert with Cuceo, served with cream and grated chocolate, bon appetit for everyone.


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