Moelleux au chocolat au cookeo, a delicious cake for your afternoon snack, here you will find the ingredients to make this dish easily at home and with your cooks.


– 100 grams chocolate
– 100 grams butter
– 95 grams icing sugar
– 4 egg yolks + 2 egg whites
– 50 grams flour


First, melt the chocolate and butter in pieces in a saucepan in a double boiler, keep stirring.
Then pour icing sugar on top and after adding flour, stir with a whisk and keep stirring continuously to mix everything.
Then add the 4 beaten egg yolks and continue whisking with the whisk.
In a bowl, using your electric mixer on medium speed, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks are 3 minutes.
Pour egg whites into 2 additional saucepans, this time mixing with spatula.

Put butter in a mold—the one that matches your cookie’s steaming basket—then pour your dough into it and film it.
Pour 30 cl of water into the bowl of your cookie, place the steamer basket and then pour into your mold.
Then start cooking rapidly – under the pressure of your cooks – for a period of 15 minutes.
Open your cookie and let your mold cool for 5 minutes then unwrap your soft cake.
finally, here is your chocolate cake with cookies, serve and enjoy your meal.


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