Chocolate Chia and Maple Pudding: My breakfast yesterday morning!

A comforting classic breakfast that has been enjoyed for generations.
With its smooth, creamy texture and rich chocolate flavor, it makes it one of the world’s most loved desserts.
Here’s the recipe for this Chocolate Chia and Maple Pudding, a universally admired dessert, let’s go!


36 cl milk
30 grams cocoa powder
60 g chia seeds
5 tbsp maple syrup

Preparation :

First, pour milk into a bowl, add cocoa, chia seeds, maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.
Then mix everything well with a whisk until the chia seeds absorb the liquid.
Pour into glasses and refrigerate overnight, you will see your preparation thicken like a cream.
finally serve with chopped nuts and banana slices and enjoy your meal.


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