Buttercream: The Traditional Easy Recipe!

Buttercream is a classic and versatile type of frosting.
It is light, creamy and scrumptious and can be used to top cakes, cupcakes and cookies.
This recipe will give you all the information you need to make a delicious cream that your friends and family will love.


5 egg yolks
500 g sugar
500 grams butter
10 ml water

Preparation :

First of all, put sugar in a vessel, pour water on top and let it boil.
All you have to do is make the syrup without caramelizing it, the temperature should be between 115 and 120 degrees.

How to repair softened butter?

First of all, put the butter in small pieces in a bowl, it will also soften quickly.
Then let it rest for a few minutes.
Once the butter has softened, whip it with a whisk until you get an ointment with a smooth and pliable texture.
This operation avoids getting small pieces of butter in the cream.

Beat the egg yolks in a large bowl, then slowly pour the sugar syrup over it while whisking.
Whisk until your mixture doubles in volume and becomes frothy and homogeneous.
Then add the softened butter in batches until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
At this stage you can add a few drops of your favorite flavoring like vanilla or chocolate while whisking.
Ideally, this cream should be used without keeping it in the refrigerator so that the butter does not solidify.


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