Do you have 4 apples? Make Apple Pakora Delicious Easily

When it comes to desserts, apple dumplings are a classic.
They are easy to make and are perfect for a fall snack or snack.
There are many ways to make apple dumplings, but this recipe is my favorite.
These donuts are made from a simple yeast dough and fried to perfection.
They are then coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon and served with delicious juice.
Here’s how to make your own apple dumplings at home.


4 apples
2 eggs
250 grams flour
1 packet of baking powder
24 cl of milk

preparation :

First of all, in a bowl mix all purpose flour, baking powder and make a well in the middle, separate the yolk from the egg white.
Then beat the egg whites in a bowl using a mixer on high speed.
Add egg yolk with a pinch of salt and mix everything with a spatula.
This time use whisk and whisk while adding milk, then add egg white and mix with spatula.
Peel the apples, cut them into rings and core them, then heat the oil in a frying pan.
Then dip the apple rings in the batter and fry on both the sides, turning with a spoon.
Then place them on absorbent paper and sprinkle sugar and a little cinnamon powder on them while serving.


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