Limoncello Lemon Tiramisu: A hit with your guests.

This classic Italian dessert has a tangy twist that’s sure to please.
Limoncello tiramisu is a refreshing and delicious twist on traditional tiramisu.
The nutty flavor of Lemon Limoncello is the perfect complement to the rich and creamy Mascarpone Filling.
Cookies or okra dipped in limoncello are the perfect base for this dish.
This tiramisu is sure to be loved by your guests!


18 bhindi or bhindi
320 grams mascarpone
3 eggs
20 cl of liquid cream
18 cl of limoncello

preparation :

First, separate the egg yolk from the white.
Then whip the yolks with the mascarpone and cream in a bowl using your mixer.
Beat the egg whites in another bowl with a mixer with a pinch of salt, then mix the two preparations gently with a spatula.
Pour your limoncello into a large bowl and then crumble and dip your cookies into it.
Layer your cream in the bottom of the glasses, then place some cookies on top, sprinkling 1 tbsp of limoncello over them.
Then put another layer of cream and then biscuits and water them, and so on.
Film your glasses and then put them in the fridge for at least 6 to 8 hours.
Finally you have your Lemon Limoncello Tiramisu, sprinkle with chocolate powder and serve.


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